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Lamar County Station offers a variety of options for online advertising.

Simple Text Links:

Simple text links, as seen in the City pages, are free. If you have a business with a web site in Lamar County or know of such a site that you think should be listed here, please use our Feedback Form to let us know about it. We need the URL and what city it is in, if any. we will check the site out and add it if it is appropriate. Please be patient. Each submission is checked manually and that might take a little time.

Linking back to us:

If you have a link on this site, or even if you don't, please consider linking back to us. A simple text link would be fine.


<a title="Lamar County Texas Links" href="">Lamar County Texas Links</a>

<a title="Lamar County Texas Information" href="">Lamar County Texas Information</a>

<a title="Lamar County Texas Resources on Lamar County Station" href="">Lamar County Texas Resources on Lamar County Station</a>

Or some comparable wording.

Please NOTE: We are not a "Link Exchange" site. Just because you place our link on your site is not a guarantee that we will reciprocate. Each request for a link is evaluated and added IF we feel it is appropriate. Please DO NOT send an E-mail informing us that you have linked to us and are expecting us to link back to you.


  If you are interested in advertising beyond the simple free text link we offer, please consider the below:

Google Adwords:

  Lamar County Station publishes Google Adsense ads on almost every page of our site and other sites in the "County Station" domain. You will need to join the Google Adwords program to participate in this and to target ads to Lamar County Station or others domains. click here for more information.


Lamar County Station reserves the right to approve or reject submissions at our sole discretion.

Lamar County Station makes no warranty or guaranty, express or implied, regarding advertising on this site or other sites by Lamar County Station. Links and/or advertising on this site are not recommendations by Lamar County Station. Lamar County Station is not responsible for any damages incurred by use of this site, links on this site or other damages what so ever.

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