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  Arthur City is on the Red River at the intersection of Farm Road 197 and U.S. Highway 271 in extreme north central Lamar County.

Starting out

  Founded by Capt. J. G. C. Arthur in 1886, Arthur City was a stop on the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway. Arthur donated the land for the railroad right-of-way and was platted into twelve blocks.

Post Office

  A post office was established in 1886 with J. H. Arthur as postmaster.

Arthur City Post Office
Post Office

Current Post Office

  The current Post Office is at 12552 N US Highway 271 Arthur City, TX. 75411-9998


  A common school had been organized by 1896, when it enrolled twenty-five pupils and employed one teacher. The school had closed by 1957, and local students attended school in the Chicota Independent School District at that time. By 1970, however, the population had stabilized and children attended the North Lamar schools.

North Lamar schools

  Children currently attend the North Lamar schools. You can find out more from their web site, North Lamar ISD.

People of note

J. G. C. Arthur
Donated land for the town of Arthur City, Texas.
Willis P. Hobbs (Photo)
Received the French Legion of Honor for Vietnam Service.

Through Time

Arthur City Texas Photos
Arthur City Photos

  By 1890 Arthur City had 300 residents, three general stores, a Western Union telegraph office, blacksmith shop, furniture maker, and an undertaker. In 1892 a new hotel, doctor's office, and sawmill were established.

Railroad and timber

  The most prosperous years for the town were the early railroad days. Lumber resources were untapped and prices for farm produce were high. By 1904 the local timber supply was becoming exhausted, and many residents began to leave the vicinity in search of other jobs. In 1914 most commercial enterprises had closed. There was still a telegraph office, grocery, telephone exchange, and two general stores. Residents numbered 150. Throughout the 1920s and 1930s, the town had five businesses and 200 residents.


  In 1927 a tornado swept through town killing one and injuring twelve. Several bulidings were destroyed. The one death was attributed to heart failure, as there were no wounds on the body.


  A moderate earthquake affected the area on April 11, 1934. The tremor was most distinctly felt at Arthur City, Caviness, Chicota, Powderly, and Trout Switch (intensity V). Many persons who felt the shock reported having heard a roaring or rumbling noise. Two shocks were recognized by many observers.


  By 1943 the population had dropped to 100 residents and three businesses. In 1959 the population was sixty. The growth of nearby Paris, the mechanization of farming, plus the development of nearby Pat Mayse Lake led to an economic turnaround in the 1960s and 1970s. In 1961 the town had eleven commercial enterprises and a population of 300.

Grain silos
Grain silos

  In 1983 Arthur City had eight businesses, two churches, a post office, and a community center. In 1989 it had five businesses and 200 residents, most of whom were part-time farmers and worked in nearby Paris.

A Murder

  On March 12 1993 Phillip Kinslow, who operated a combination gas station and grocery store in Arthur City, Texas, was killed. Billy Frank Vickers was convicted of the murder and executed January 28, 2004.

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