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  Chicota is near the Red River one mile north of Pat Mayse Lake and fifteen miles north of Paris in northern Lamar County.

Starting with a Post Office

  Chicota was established in 1879, when it received a Post Office.

  The current Post Office is at 3696 FM 197 Chicota, Tx. 75425-9998.


  In 1884 Chicota had a district school with 100 white pupils and two teachers. Chicota is currently served by the North Lamar ISD.

People of note

Robert Lawrence "Buck" Frierson - Baseball player
Buck Frierson was born on Sunday, July 29, 1917, in Chicota, Texas. Frierson was 24 years old when he broke into the big leagues on September 9, 1941, with the Cleveland Indians.

Through Time

Chicota Texas Photos
Chicota Photos

  Capt. Robert Draper started a store at the site called Center Springs. From Indians trading at the store he heard of Checotah in Indian territory and chose the name for the post.

  In 1884 Chicota had a post office and four churches. The population was forty-five. The town grew to 225 residents in 1892. In 1914 Chicota had a population estimated at 100 and seven businesses. By 1936 Chicota had a church, a cemetery, a couple of businesses, and a number of scattered dwellings. Throughout the 1940s and 1950s the population was estimated at 212. In 1980 Chicota had a cemetery, a school, four businesses, one church, three surrounding churches, and a number of scattered dwellings. In 1990 the population was estimated at 125.

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