Mongol Style Helm

Semi Custom with Drape

Thors Hammer with Hinged Cheek

Mild Steel Roman Calvary

Viking sports helm with fabricated crest

16th century Russian

Islamic with etched brass

Tear Drop Spangen Conical

Flat Top Crusader

Spangen Viking Ocular

Spangen helm with Face Mask

Spangen Viking helm

12 gauge SSS visored sugarloaf

16th Century Rus Hinged Cheek

Stainless 4-panel with Tail

Burgonet Prototype



Fluted Crusader

Sallet SS


Battle of the Nations Bascinet


12 gauge Bascinet






Eastern Rus Helm

Teardrop Helm with punchwork detail

Brass Tear Conical Spangen with pierced faceplate, removable horsetail, punch work, slat back and handmade decorated eyebrows.

This helm is a Stainless Steel Dark Ages Sport Helm with a large assortment of brass castings from

The Crafty Celts, creased 5 piece slat back, and stainless faceplate with decorative elements.

Made of 13 & 14 gauge SS with an Antiqued Finish.

This helm is a Stainless Steel hinged cheek Brass Thors Hammer Spangen.  Brass rivets, brass panels, brass trim, shaped brass nasal.

This striking Closed Helm is Inspired by late 15th and 16th century designs. Built from 304 stainless steel in many different gauges to accomplish the overall look.  The skull is 13 gauge, the visor is 14 gauge, the second visor and neck lames are 16 gauge.  Also featured are decorative brass bands around the neck and decorative brass triskillons on the pivots. Completed with a dark antique finish.

ACL Sugarloaf


Bellows Visored Italian Sallet

Blackened Clitto Crusader

Brass top Bears Thorshammer face

Brass top Norman

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