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Lamar County Texas is humid subtropical characterized by a wide annual temperature range. Average annual precipitation also varies considerably, ranging from less than 28 to more than 48 inches. Severe storms are possible, as the area lies in the southern section of "tornado alley".

Tornado Alley is a term most often used in reference to the area of the United States where tornadoes are most frequent. An official location is not defined, but the areas in between the Rocky Mountains and Appalachian Mountains are the areas usually associated with it.

South is the prevailing wind direction, and southerly winds can be high for several days at a time. Strong northerly winds often occur during the passage of cold fronts. Dusty conditions are infrequent, occurring mostly with westerly winds. Dust storm frequency and intensity depend on soil conditions in eastern New Mexico, west Texas, and the Texas Panhandle.

Winters are usually mild, but northers marked by a sudden drop in temperature, heavy precipitation, and dark blue skies moving across the are do occur. Periods of extreme cold that occasionally occur are short-lived, so that even in January mild weather occurs.

The highest temperatures of summer are associated with fair skies, westerly winds and low humidities. Hot spells in summer are often broken by thunderstorm activity. Usually there are only a few nights each summer when the low temperature exceeds 80F. Summer daytime temperatures can exceed 100F and air conditioners are recommended for maximum comfort indoors and while traveling.

Throughout the year, rainfall occurs more frequently during the night. Usually, periods of rainy weather last for only a day or two, and are followed by several days with fair skies. A large part of the annual precipitation results from thunderstorm activity, with occasional heavy rainfall over brief periods of time.

The average length of the warm season (freeze-free period) is about 249 days. The average last occurrence of 32F or below is mid March and the average first occurrence of 32F or below is in late November.


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Lamar County Weather

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