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  Powderly is on U.S. Highway 271 north of Paris in north central Lamar County. That's about 3348'40"N, 9531'28"W if you want to get your GPS out. :)

Post Office

Powderly Post Office
Post Office

  The post office was established in 1888

  The current Post Office is located at 8500 U.S. Highway 271 N. Powderly, Tx. 75473-9998


  Powderly is currently served by the North Lamar Independent School District.

Camp Maxey

Camp Maxey
Camp Maxey

  Camp Maxey Texas Army National Guard training facility is a noted feature and historic site in the area. Originally a World War II infantry-training camp, it was named in honor of Samuel Bell Maxey. It was activated on July 15, 1942, under command of Col. C. H. Palmer. The first division to be trained at the camp, the 102d Infantry Division, was organized and activated on September 15, 1942, under Gen. John B. Anderson. Col. Robert C. Annin succeeded Palmer as commander on March 25, 1943. The varied terrain provided facilities for working out problems of infantry training to meet modern battle conditions. An artillery range, obstacle course, infiltration course, and "German Village" were included in training maneuvers.

Through Time

Powderly Texas Photos
Powderly Photos

  Powderly was settled around the time of the Civil War and was originally known as Lenoir. When the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway was built through the area in the 1880s, the community was renamed Powderly in honor of Terence V. Powderly, a labor leader and later a commissioner of immigration in the McKinley administration.

  By 1890 the town had a general store, two cotton gins, a gristmill, a sawmill, a blacksmith, and an estimated population of thirty. In 1914 the town's population was 100. During the 1920s, however, the community declined; in the early 1930s Powderly had a church, a school, six rated businesses, and a reported sixty-three residents. Since that time the population has increased, reaching 120 in 1950 and 150 in 1965. In 1990 Powderly had a church, a school, a number of houses, and an estimated population of 185. The population remained the same in 2000.

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