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  Sumner is on Farm Road 79 eight miles northwest of Paris in northwestern Lamar County. That is about "33.7403807 -95.6730173 (334425N 0954023W)" for those with a gps. It is classified as a populated Place with clustered or scattered buildings and a permanent human population (city, settlement, town, village). A Populated Place is not incorporated and has no legal boundaries.

Post Office

  The town had a post office open in 1885. The current Post Office is at 10182 Farm Road 79, Sumner, TX 75486-5541.


  Sumner is currently served by the North Lamar Independent School District.

Through Time

  Sumner was named to honor an early settler, Moses Sumner. In 1891 the population was 100, and the town had several general stores, two gins, and two physicians. By 1892 the population had risen to 150, and mail was delivered daily. Sumner had a school in 1898 with sixty-three pupils and one teacher. The population was 250 in the late 1920s. After this the population began to decline and was eighty in 1990. In 1983 the town had a business, a school, one church, and a factory. The population was eighty in 2000.


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